Authority, Actual authority, Adverse authority, Apparent authority, Persuasive authority

Authority n. 1 The authorization, permission, power, or right to act on another's behalf and to bind them by such actions. 2 The right or power to command, govern, or enforce obedience. 3 A legal writing, such as a judicial decision, law review article or legal treatise, or a statue's legislative history that provides information or insight on how to interpret and apply the law.

Actual authority. Authority, express or implied, intentionally given by a principal to an agent.

Adverse authority. Authority that is detrimental to a party's argument or position regarding a question or an issue.

Apparent authority. Authority that can be reasonably inferred by a third party to have been given to an agent based upon the third party's dealings with the principal or upon the principal's representations even if the principal did not intend to give the agent such authority.

Persuasive authority. Authority that is not binding on a court but still merit consideration.

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