Avulsion, Award, AWOL, BAC, Bad character

Avulsion n. The sudden and perceptible removal or severing of land from the property or jurisdiction of which it was a part by natural forces such as a flood or an abrupt change in the course of a river. Despite the removal or severing of the land, the boundaries between jurisdictions or properties are not altered by avulsion. For example, if a river was the boundary between two states, the boundary remains the same although the course of the river has changed.

Award 1. n The final decision of an arbitrator. 2 The final decision of a court, jury, or administrative tribunal granting damages or other relief to a party. 3 v. To formally grant such relief.

AWOL abbr. absent without leave.

BAC abbr. Blood alcohol content.

Bad character n. A person's predisposition to commit evil acts.

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