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A Time in Taiwan

This is my first time visiting Taiwan. Just arrived yesterday night. Quite a long flight since Taiwan is farther than any other South East countries.

My first impression was that not many Taiwanese can speak English. They seem love to speak their own language. It is a bit different than Indonesian who loves to speak English. However, we were lucky that we can arrive at the hotel safely.

The kids slept immediately. They were very tired from the flight. In additions, the airport is quite far from the city of Taipei.

The weather is cool in Taipei. It is around 11-14 C degree. Everybody wears coat in here. They are very stylist and many youngsters in Taiwan. They took a walk until late night. I also saw many minimarts such as 711.

The ambience is nice. Taiwanese is fun and kind. They eager to assist you and they are polite. My family likes it here. I like it here. This is new interesting experience to us. It makes me want to learn Mandarin immediately 🙂




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