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Abdication, Abduct, Abet, Abeyance, Abide

Abdication n. The act of a person or branch of government renouncing or abandoning an office, trust, sovereignty, privileges, or duties to which he or she is entitled, holds, or possesses by law.

Abduct v. 1. To carry or lead a person away from where he wants to be or wants to go by use of force, threats, or deception. 2. To restrain or conceal a person in order to prevent his escape or rescue.

Abet v. To actively, knowingly, and/or intentionally aid, encourage, incite, instigate, or otherwise support the commission of an act.

Abeyance n. 1. An indefinite or temporary state of inactivity or suspension. 2. An incomplete or undetermined state of existence. 3. The status of real property or of a position or title when its ownership or occupancy is not vested in any existing person or party.

Abide v. 1. To await. 2. To accept or submit to. 3. To tolerate or withstand. 4. To adhere, execute, obey, perform, or otherwise act in conformity with. 5. To dwell, remain, reside, or stay.

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