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Abiding, ab initio, abnormally dangerous activity, abode, abolish

Abiding adj. Certain; indestructible; permanent; steadfast; unaltering; unfaltering; unshakeable

Ab initio adv. Latin. From the first act. From the beginning: back to one's creation or inception

Abnormally dangerous activity n. An undertaking so dangerous that, even if precautions and reasonable care are used, it cannot be safely performed and anyone who engages in it is strictly liable for any resulting injuries and damage, especially if 1) there is a risk of serious harm to people or property, 2) the activity cannot be performed in some other way that avoids those risks, and 3) the undertaking does not normally occur at the location where it is to take place

Abode 1. n. A dwelling, home, or other fixed place where a person resides. 2. v. Past tense and past participle of abide

Abolish v. To abrogate, annul, cancel, eliminate, put an end to, recall, repeal, or revoke, especially things of a seemingly permanent nature, such as customs, institutions, and usages

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