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Abolition, abortion, above, abridge, abrogate

Abolition n. 1 The act of abolishing. 2 The legal abolition and prohibition of slavery. 3 The abolition of slavery in the United States by the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Abortion n. 1 The premature termination of a pregnancy. 2 The intentional and artificial termination of a pregnancy that destroys an embryo or fetus. 3 The spontaneous expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it is capable of living outside the womb.

Above adv. 1 Previously in the same chapter, document, or text. For example, a reference to a court case cited earlier in the same document. 2 Having the power to review the decisions regarding questions of fact and/or law made in a court. For example, appellate courts, such as the United States Supreme Court, are above, or can review, the decisions made by one or more trial courts.
Abridge v. 1 To diminish, lessen, or restrict a legal right. 2 To condense or shorten the whole of something, such as a book, and not merely a portion of it.

Abrogate v. 1 To annul, cancel, destroy, overturn, repeal, revoke, set aside, supersede, or otherwise do away with or put and end to. 2 To abolish a custom or law by some authoritative, formal, legislative, or other legally effective method.

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