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Abscond, absent without leave, absentee, absentee landlord, absolute

Abscond v. 1 To secretly or suddenly leave a place or to go into hiding, especially to avoid arrest, prosecution, the service of a summons or other legal process, or an action by a creditor. 2 To leave a location, often in a hurry, with money or property of another.

Absent without leave n. The act of being away from one's military duties or post without permission but with no intent of deserting. Abbreviated as AWOL.

Absentee n. A person who is not where he or she would normally be found, such as a place of residence or work.

Absentee landlord n. A landlord who resides so far from the leased real property that his is not, or is not expected to be, readily available to personally address any problems concerning the property.

Absolute n. 1 Without any conditions, encumbrance, qualification, or restriction. 2 Not liable or subject to revisions; conclusive. 3 Free from any restraint or restriction in the exercise of government power.

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