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Absolve, Abstention, Abstract, Abstract of Judgment, Abstract of record

Absolve v. 1 To forgive misconduct. 2 To free from guilt or suspicion; for example, when evidence proves that a suspect is innocent of a crime. 3 To free from the penalties imposed as a result of misconduct. 4 To free from a debt, duty, obligation, or responsibility.

Abstention n. The act of voluntarily refraining from taking some action, such as casting vote or participating in a decision or deliberation.

Abstract n. A concise summary of a text.

Abstract of judgment n. A copy or summary of a court's judgment. When it is filed with the appropriate authorities, a lien is created on the judgment debtor's nonexempt property in favor of the judgment creditor.

Abstract of record n. A summary of the record of a case advising an appellate court of the underlying facts, all the steps taken to-date in the case, the decision of the trial court, and the legal issues to be decided.

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