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Abstraction, Abuse, Abuse excuse, Abuse of discretion, Abuse of process

Abstraction n. 1 The act of separating, taking away, or withdrawing. 2 The act of taking with the intent to injure or defraud. 3 The unauthorized taking of financial statements or funds with the intent of misappropriating them.

Abuse 1 v. To mistreat or neglect a person, particularly as to one for whom the actor has special responsibility by virtue of a relationship, e.g. spouse, child, elderly parent, or one for whom the actor has undertaken a duty of care e.g., nurse-patient 2 v. to use an object in a n illegal or unreasonable manner 3 n. The mental or physical mistreatment of a person, frequently resulting in serious emotional, mental, physical and/or sexual injury.

Abuse excuse n. A courtroom tactic whereby a criminal defendant claims that mental or physical abuse either explains the defendant's conduct, especially in cases involving violence against the alleged abuser, or makes the defendant incapable of telling right from wrong. The phrase is almost exclusively used as a term of derision by those unsympathetic to such claims.

Abuse of discretion n. A trial error or administrative agency's ruling on a matter within its discretion that, in light of the relevant facts and law, is arbitrary, capricious, unconscionable, unfair, unreasonable, or illegal.

Abuse of process n. The tort of beginning or otherwise using the judicial civil or criminal process for an improper purpose. There may be a legitimate basis for instituting or using the judicial process, but the actual intent behind the action is improper.

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