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Abut, Abuttal, Academic Freedom, Acceleration, Acceleration Clause

Abut v. To adjoin; to border on; to cease at the point of contact; to connect or join at a border; to share a common border with.

Abuttal n. The border of a parcel of land in relation to adjoining lands.

Academic freedom n. 1 The right of a teacher or student, especially at the college or university level, to discuss or investigate any issue, or to express opinions, on any topic without interference or fear of penalty or other reprisal from either the school or the government. 2 A school's freedom to control its own policies without government interference, penalty, or reprisal. The extent to which academic freedom exists depends on many facts, including whether the school is a private or public institution and whether it is a primary or secondary school or a college or university.

Acceleration n. 1 The shortening of the time, or the immediate creation or vesting, of a legal duty, interest, or right that was to arise or vest in the future. 2 The hastening of a real property owner's enjoyment, or the vesting, of his remainder interest in an estate because of the failure or premature termination of a preceding estate.

Acceleration clause n. A provision in a contract or in a testamentary or other legal document that, upon the occurrence of specific events, a party's future interest in certain property will prematurely vest. For example, in many loan or mortgage agreements, provision is made that if some specified event occurs, such as the debtor's failure to pay an installment, the creditor may declare the entire outstanding balance to be immediately due.

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