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Accidental death, Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, Accidental death benefit

Accidental death n. Death resulting from an accident from an unusual event that was unanticipated by everyone involved. A death may be considered "accidental" even if it was intentional or expected. For example, an insurance policy may provide that its accidental death benefit will be paid if the insured is murdered (although generally not if the beneficiary committed the murder).

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance n. Insurance that pays the insured or his beneficiaries specified amounts, in addition to or in substitution for compensation for injuries suffered by the injured, for the loss of specific body parts, body functions, or death resulting from an accident.

Accidental death benefit n. A payment, in addition to the compensation received by the beneficiaries of an accident insurance or life insurance policy, to be made paid if the insures suffers and accidental death.

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