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Accommodation, Accommodation paper, Accommodation party, Accomplice, Accord

Accommodation n. 1 Something done, such as providing a loan or signing an accommodation paper as a surety for another, that is done as a favor without any direct or indirect benefit, compensation, or consideration. 2 The act of making a change or provision for someone or something.

Accommodation paper n. A negotiable instrument that one co-signs as a surety as an accommodation to another party, who remains primarily liable without receiving any benefit, compensation, or consideration.

Accommodation party n. A person who, without any direct or indirect benefit, compensation, or consideration, co-signs a negotiable instrument as a favor to the person who owes the money and, thus, becomes liable on it to all parties except the accommodated party who, by implication, agrees to pay the instrument and to indemnify the accommodation party for any losses incurred in paying it.

Accomplice n. One who knowingly, voluntarily, or intentionally, and with common intent and criminal purpose shared with the principal offender, solicits or encourages another to commit a crime or assists or attempts to assist in its planning and execution. Normally, one's mere presence while knowing the crime is about to be committed, without any contribution to the commission of the crime, does not make a person an accomplice.

Accord n. 1 An agreement to satisfy a claim by some form of discharging the obligation other than what the obligee is, or considers himself, entitled to. In legal citation, the identification of one case that clearly supports the proposition for which another case is being quoted.

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