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Accrue, Accumulated depreciation, Accusation, Accuse, Accused

Accrue v. 1 To come into existence or mature as an enforceable claim or right. For example, a cause of action may be sued upon once it is an enforceable claim. Likewise, the interest on a sum owed accrues on the date the interest becomes due. 2 To accumulate.

Accumulated depreciation n. The total depreciation currently recorded against either a single or all productive assets.

Accusation n. 1 A formal charge of criminal wrongdoing against a person or corporation. 2 An informal charge that one has committed an illegal, immoral, or otherwise wrongful act.

Accuse v. 1 To make an accusation against. 2 To prosecute. 3 To formally institute a legal action against a person or corporation wherein they are charged with committing a crime. 4 To judicially or publicly charge one with a criminal offense.

Accused n. 1 A person who is blamed for a wrongdoing. 2 A person who has been arrested or formally charged by an indictment, information, or presentment with a crime.

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