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Ad testificandum, Adultery, Advance, Advance directive, Advance sheets

Ad testificandum adv. Latin. For testifying.

Adultery n. The voluntary sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than his or her spouse. The consent of both parties and penetration are required for adultery to exist. Under the common law, only a married woman could commit adultery, but most states now apply the term to married man as well. Also, in the states where adultery is still a crime, most statutes now provide that the unmarried sexual partner of a married person can also be charged with the offense.

Advance n. Monies paid before any consideration is received in exchange.

Advance directive n. A durable power of attorney that becomes effective if and when one becomes incompetent, and that directs the limit to what medical procedures should be employed to prolong one's life.

Advance sheets n. A paperback or looseleaf booklet or pamphlet containing recent decisions issued by a (usually appellate) court. Advance sheets are published between the announcement of the court's decision and the decision's incorporation in a bound volume of law reports.

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