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Ademption by extinction, Ademption by satisfaction, Adequate remedy at law, ad hoc, ad hominem

Ademption by extinction n. An ademption of some specific or unique property that occurs when the property is destroyed, given away, or sold or does not otherwise exist at the time of the testator's death.

Ademption by satisfaction n. An ademption that occurs when the testator, while alive, gives the property that is the subject of a devise or legacy to the intended beneficiary in lieu of the testamentary gift.

Adequate remedy at law n. A legal remedy, usually an award of money, that provides sufficient compensation to the plaintiff, thereby making equitable relief, such as specific performance, unavailable.

ad hoc adj. Latin. For this; for a particular purpose. For example, ad hoc committees are often created to accomplish a particular purpose.

ad hominem adj. Latin. To the person. Appealing to personal prejudices instead of reason; attacking one's character rather than his arguments.

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