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Adjure, Adjusted basis, Adjusted gross income, ad litem, Administration

Adjure v. 1 To earnestly and solemnly bind, charge, or command. Frequently, persons who are adjured are placed under oath or a threat of penalty. For example, juries are adjured to consider only the evidence presented at trial as they attempt to reach a verdict in an action. 2 To earnestly and solemnly entreat or request.

Adjusted basis n. The value of a taxpayer's original investment in property, adjusted by the value of subsequent capital improvements and depreciation deductions.

Adjusted gross income n. A taxpayer's gross income minus the deductions, usually business deductions, they are allowed under the tax code.

ad litem adj. Latin. For the suit. For the purpose of, or pending, the particular lawsuit.

Administration n. 1 A court's management and distribution of property during a judicial proceeding. 2 The management and settlement of the estate of an intestate or of a testator who has no executor by a person appointed by the court.

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