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Administrative agency, Administrative law, Administrative law judge, Administrator, Administrator ad litem

Administrative agency n. A governmental regulatory body that controls and supervises a particular activity or area of public interest and administers and enforces a particular body of law related to that activity or interest.

Administrative law n. 1 The law covering the organization, duties, and operation of an administrative agency. 2 The law created by an administrative agency consisting of rules, regulations, orders, opinions, or reports containing findings of fact and administrative hearing decisions.

Administrative law judge n. An official of an administrative agency who presides at an administrative hearing and has the power to administer oaths, issue subpoenas, and rule on the admissibility of evidence as well as hear, consider, and weigh testimony and other evidence and make or recommend factual or legal decisions.

Administrator n. A person appointed by the court to manage a part or all of the assets and liabilities of an intestate or of a testator who has no executor. In many states, the person can be a man or a woman, but in the others, the term refers to a male, while a female who is appointed to perform these duties is called an administratrix.

Administrator ad litem n. A person appointed by the court to represent the interests of an estate in an action. Such an appointment is usually made because the estate has no administrator or because the current administrator has interests in the action that conflict with those of the estate.

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