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Admiralty and maritime, Admiralty courts, Admissible evidence, Admission, Admission pro hoc vice

Admiralty and maritime n. All things related to events occuring at sea and on inland waters.

Admiralty courts n. Federal courts exercising jurisdiction over admiralty and maritime matters. However, in some matters, the Congress has granted concurrent jurisdiction to the state courts.

Admissible evidence n. Evidence permitted by the law to be considered by a judge or jury in deciding the merits of an action. Only admissible evidence may be considered, but the judge has the discretion to exclude admissible evidence from his or the jury's consideration. For example, cumulative evidence, or evidence whose probative value is outweighed by the risk of confusing the issues to be decided, may be excluded.

Admission n. 1 Any act, assertion, or statement made by a party to an action that is offered as evidence against that party by the opponent. 2 A defendant's failure to deny, or his voluntary acknowledgment of the truth, of an allegation in a complaint, counterclaim, or request for admissions. 3 The acceptance by a judge of evidence for consideration by himself or the jury when determining the merits of the action. 4 The granting or obtaining of a license from a state or an established licensing authority, such as a state bar association, or permission from a court, to practice law in that state or before that court.

Admission pro hoc vice n. The granting of special permission to an out-of-state attorney, or an attorney not admitted to practice in any state or before any court, to practice law as counsel for a party in a particular lawsuit.

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