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Admonition, Adoption, Adoptive, ADR, Adult

Admonition n. A judge's advice, cautionary statement, direction, reprimand, or warning to a jury, lawyer, party, spectator, or witness regarding any matter that arises during a judicial proceeding.

Adoption n. 1 In family law, the legal process that establishes a parent/child relationship between individuals who are not related by blood. 2 In contract law, the acceptance by a person or entity of the rights and responsibilities made for their benefit under a contract to which she is not a party. 3 To accept legal responsibility for the act of another.

Adoptive adj. 1 Related by virtue of an adoption. 2 Pertaining to an adoption of any kind.

ADR abbr. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Adult n. A person who has attained the age of majority.

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