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Advancement, Adventure, Adversary, Adversary proceeding, Adversary system

Advancement n. An irrevocable gift to an heir during an intestate's life, given with the intention that it shall diminish or extinguish the heir's share of the intestate's estate under the laws of interstate succession.

Adventure n. Any commercial or financial venture involving speculation or risk.

Adversary n. An opponent, especially an opposing attorney or party in an action.

Adversary proceeding n. 1 A judicial hearing or other proceeding involving a real dispute between opposing parties. 2. A proceeding before the Bankruptcy Court to settle disputes regarding the distribution of the assets of a bankrupt.

Adversary system n. A method of adjudication in which active an unhindered parties, usually through their lawyers, contest with each other and present support in favor of their respective positions, usually through the examination and cross-examination of witnesses and the presentation of other evidence, to a neutral and independent decision-maker.

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