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Adverse possession, Advisory jury, Advisory opinion, Advisory verdict, Advocacy

Adverse possession n. A method of acquiring title to real estate by actually, continuously, and openly occupying the property for an uninterrupted amount of time to the exclusion of all others and in defiance of the real owner's rights. The required period of occupancy, as well as other possible conditions, are set by statute.

Advisory jury n. Used in cases where there is no jury trial as a matter of right but the judge desires the non-binding input of a jury. Rarely used.

Advisory opinion n. A nonbinding opinion by a court, judge, or law officer on the interpretation or constitutionality of the law, a proposed statute, or a hypothetical legal question submitted to it by a legislative or executive body or an interested party.

Advisory verdict n. A decision, usually non-binding, of an advisory jury.

Advocacy n. Active support for a legal cause by argument and persuasion.

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