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Affinity, Affirm, Affirmation, Affirmative action, Affix

Affinity n. 1 A close agreement. 2 The attraction between people. 3 Any relationship created by marriage. 4 A term used to describe the relationship that one has to the adopted or blood (and usually close) relatives of their spouse.

Affirm v. 1 To confirm, ratify, or otherwise approve a lower court's decision on appeal. 2 To solemnly declare that certain statements are true or that one will testify truthfully. 3 To make a solemn promise.

Affirmation n. 1 The act of affirming the truth of one's statement. It serves the same purpose as an oath and is usually done when the declarant objects to making an oath on religious or ethical ground. 2 A voluntary and written ex parte statement of facts. It is sometimes that the document be signed and the truth of its content be affirmed by the declarant in the presence of a notary public or another officer authorized to administer oaths.

Affirmative action n. Any acts by a private or public entity to eliminate discrimination, to correct or remedy the effects of past discrimination, or to prevent future discrimination. Such discrimination is usually based on the race, sex, national origin, or disability of the person being discriminated against.

Affix v. To permanently add to , attach, or fasten on.

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