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Affray, A fortiori, Aforethought, After-acquired property, After-acquired title

Affray n. The voluntary and consensual fighting between two or more individuals in a public place to the terror of onlookers or the disturbance of the peace. There is no affray when a person is unlawfully attacked and resorts to self-defense instead of fleeting.

a fortiori n. Latin. By the stronger (reason). To draw an inference that when one proposition is true, then a second proposition must also be true, especially if the second is included in the first. For example, if a 19 year old is legally an adult, then a 20 year old is , too.

Aforethought adj. Considered in advance; deliberate; premeditated.

After-acquired property n. 1 In commercial law, property acquired by a debtor after the execution of a security agreement wherein property acquired by the debtor before the execution of the agreement has been pledged as collateral for a loan. 2 In bankruptcy law, property acquired by a bankrupt after a petition for bankruptcy is filed.

After-acquired title n. The title acquired by a buyer, who previously purchased property while unaware that the seller did not have complete title to it, after the seller, unbeknownst to the buyer, later acquires complete title to the property. Title automatically vests in the buyer upon the completion of events that would otherwise give complete title to the seller.

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