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Alienee, Alienor, Aliunde rule, Allegation, Allen charge

Alienee n. One to whom property is alienated.

Alienor n. Money paid after divorce to former spouse for support, usually for a specified period of time, by court order or written agreement. If paid during pendency of the divorce proceedings, referred to as alimony pendente lite.

Aliunde rule n. The doctrine that a verdict may not be called into question by a juror's testimony without a foundation for that testimony being first established by competent evidence from another source. For example, a verdict may not be overturned on the testimony of a juror that he was bribed, unless there was first evidence from another source of the bribery.

Allegation n. 1 An assertion of fact that one intends to prove at trial, especially one in a legal pleading such as a complaint, counterclaim, or indictment. 2 Any declaration of something to be true without giving any proof.

Allen charge n. In criminal law, an instruction given by a judge to encourage a deadlocked jury to make a renewed effort to reach a verdict.

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