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Alonge, Also known as, Alter ego, Alternative dispute resolution, Ambiguity

Alonge n. A piece of paper occasionally attached to a negotiable instrument for the signing of endorsements once the original instrument is filled with endorsements.

Also known as n. Phrase used before a list of names used by a specific individual in order to avoid confusion about the person's true identity or by others when referring to the individual.

Alter ego n. The other self. A doctrine allowing a court to ignore the limited personal liability of a person who acts in a corporate capacity and impose personal liability for the corporation's wrongful acts when it is shown that the individual was using the corporation to conduct personal business and that there was no real separation between the individual's and the corporation's identity.

Alternative dispute resolution n. Formal methods of settling disputes other than by court action, collectively referred to as alternative dispute resolution or ADR.

Ambiguity n. A confusion or uncertainty about the intention or meaning, especially of a provision in a contract or statute.

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