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Amicus curiae, Amnesty, Amortize, Amount in controversy, Ancestor

Amicus curiae n. Latin. Friend of the court. One who is not a party to an action but petitions the court or is invited by the court to provide information or submit her views because she has strong interest in the case at hand or a perspective that may not be adequately presented by the parties.

Amnesty n. A pardon for past criminal offenses for a class or group of individuals who are subject to trial but have not yet been convicted. Amnesty may be limited or conditional.

Amortize v. 1 To gradually extinguish a debt in advance of its maturity, usually by paying regular installments in excess of the accrued interest each time a periodic interest payment is due. 2 To arrange to gradually extinguish a debt. 3 To apportion the initial cost of an intangible asset each year over the course of the asset's useful life until the entire cost has been used up.

Amount in controversy n. The monetary damages sought by a party in an action; the value of a claim even if not expressly stated in the pleadings.

Ancestor n. 1 One, such as a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, who precedes another in lineage. 2 Any relative from whom one inherits by intestate succession.

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