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Ancillary, Ancillary administrator, Ancillary claim, Anders brief, Animus

Ancillary adj. Auxiliary; collateral; dependent; supplemental; subordinate.

Ancillary administrator n. A person appointed by the court in a state where the descendant was not domiciled to manage the assets and liabilities and to oversee the distribution of decedent's estate in that state. Such an administrator usually works as an adjunct to the executor or administrator appointed in the state where the decedent was domiciled.

Ancillary claim n. A claim that is auxiliary to, supplemental to, or dependent on another claim. For example, a claim against a physician who negligently prescribed an unsafe drug may be ancillary to a claim against the drug manufacturer who produced the medication.

Anders brief n. A request filed by a court-appointed attorney to withdraw from the appeal of a criminal case because of his belief that the grounds for the appeal are frivolous.

Animus adj. Latin. Purposefully; intentionally. 1 Animosity; hostility; ill will; strong dislike; hate. 2 The animating thought, intention, or purpose of an act.

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