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Annex, Annexation, Annotation, Annuitant, Annuity

Annex v. 1 To add, affix, or append as an additional or minor part to an already existing item, such as a document, building, or land. 2 To attach as an attribute, condition, or consequence.

Annexation n. 1 The act of annexing; the state of being annexed. 2 The point in time when an addition or addendum becomes part of the thing to which it attached. 3 The formal act of a political unit, such as a nation, state, or municipality, annexing land to its domain. 4 Annexed land.

Annotation n. Comments that analyze, explain, or criticize, or a collection of brief summaries of appellate cases that have applied or interpreted, a particular statutory provision. These comments and summaries are appended to, and published with, the statute in a set of volumes.

Annuitant n. One entitled to the periodical payments, but not the principal, of an annuity.

Annuity n. A fixed sum paid out at regular intervals for a certain period of time and subject to limitations set by the grantor.

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