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Annul, Answer, Ante, Antenuptial agreement, Antidumping law

Annul v. 1 To cancel, make ineffective, invalidate, nullify, void. 2 To judicially declare something to be void either from the date of decree or ab initio. 3 To make an ecclesiastical or judicial declaration that a marriage is void ab initio and never existed.

Answer 1 v. To respond to a pleading, discovery request, or other judicial process or procedural step. 2 v. To address or counter allegations, account for one's actions, or otherwise put up a defense. 3 v. To assume the liability or responsibility for another's actions. 4 v. To pay a debt or other liability; to suffer the consequences for one's actions. 5 n. A pleading that is a defendant's principal response to a plaintiff's complaint. It denies, admits, or otherwise addresses each of the allegations in the complaint. It also usually sets forth the defendant's affirmative defenses and counterclaims.

Antenuptial agreement n. Same as prenuptial agreement, although less commonly used.

Ante adv. Latin. Before. Before in time, order, or position; in front of.

Antidumping law n. A federal statute authorizing the imposition of special duties on imported foreign goods when the manufactures are attempting to sell the goods in the United States at less than fair value to the material detriment of American industry.

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