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Another Year Added

Soon, another year will be added to my life. Time runs so fast. We don't feel it. We just watch it come and go so quickly. Life is a tick tock tick tock. Every moment, time passes by. We can't catch it. We can't stop it. We can't prolong it.

It has been thirty years. One year will be added on top of that. I have experienced my life for more than thirty years. Thirty years are very long. I feel old already 🙂 Many things that I have not achieved. Many things to do. Life is like a race. So many things to do, so little time. Life is an actualization of our true self. We are demanded to do this and that to be 'present' in the society. We have to maintain our social life. However, nobody will care after you die. Life goes on. They will mourn on you, possibly, but life goes on. They won't remember you again the next day, or the day after tomorrow. Therefore, sometimes I agree to what the Ecclesisates said, everything is for nothing. Thay may be an extreme statement, but there is a truth in it.

Anyway, this additional year makes me reflecting my goals and my past life. It encourages me to remember all my goals for life and re-confirm my values in life. Life to me now is my family. Everything is for my wife and children. They are the most important aspects of my life at this moment. Everything I do, I do it for them, even though it is also for my personal satisfaction.

Life is a mystery to me. So many unanswered questions. However, I agree with Jim Rohn and Robin Sharma that we have to leave a legacy. If we don't have any legacy, our life will be meaningless. I think I am quite sure that I don't want to see that happened in my life. At least, I have to do some goodness to people while I am alive.

Hopefully, this additional year will make me wiser and stronger.

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