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Antilapse statute, Antitrust law, a posteriori, Apparent, Appeal

Antilapse Statute n. A statute enacted in most states allowing the heirs of a devisee or legatee who dies before the testator to take the testamentary gift intended for the devisee or legatee.

Antitrust law n. The body of law, primarily consisting of federal statutes, designed to promote free competition in trade and commerce by outlawing various practices that restrain the marketplace.

a posteriori adv. Latin. From what comes after. Inductive; empirical; reasoning or the ascertaining of truth by actual experience or observation.

Apparent adj. 1 Readily perceived; manifest; obvious; visible. 2 Seeming, but not actual or real.

Appeal n. 1 The process to seek and obtain a review and reversal by a court of a lower court's decision. 2 The process to seek and obtain a review and reversal of an administrative decision by a court or by a higher authority within the administrative agency.

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