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Apportionment of liability, Appraisal rights, Appraise, Appreciation, Appropriation

Apportionment of liability n. In tort law, the division of liability for the plaintiff's injuries among multiple tortfeasors. In some cases, some of the liability may be apportioned to the plaintiff as well.

Appraisal rights n. The statutory right available in most states for a corporation's minority shareholders who object to certain extraordinary corporate actions (the nature of which varies state to state, but usually includes consolidations and mergers) to have a fair price of their stock determined in a judicial proceeding prior to the action and to require the corporation to repurchase their stock at that price.

Appraise v. To determine the fair price or market value of something.

Appreciation n. 1 The incremental increase in an asset's value, usually because of inflation. 2 The awareness or understanding of the meaning, significance, value, or worth of something.

Appropriation n. 1 The taking of control or possession of property, especially the government's taking of private property for a public purpose. 2 The act by a legislative body to designate or set aside public funds for a government expenditure. 3 In tort law, the taking of the name or likeness of one person by another for a commercial purpose. It is considered an invasion of privacy.

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