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Argument, Closing argument, Oral argument, Reargument, Argumentative

Argument n. 1 The reason or reasons offered for or against something. 2 The formal oral or written presentation of such reasons intended to convince or persuade. 3 The section of an appellate or trial brief in which a party presents its interpretation of the law.

Closing argument. At a trial, the final statement given by the parties or their attorneys to the judge or jury, before deliberation, in which they summarize the evidence and the applicable law, present their interpretation of the same, and ask that a judgment or verdict be reached in their or their client's favors.

Oral argument. 1 A party or his attorney's oral presentation to a court stating the factual and legal reasons why the court should decide a legal issue or take particular action in their favor. 2 The procedure by which such arguments from all parties are heard by the court.

Reargument. The oral, and sometimes written, presentation of additional arguments to a court on a matter previously argued before the court, but on which no decision has yet been rendered, for the purpose of advising the court of some controlling appellate court decision or principle of law that was previously overlooked or of some misapprehension of facts.

Argumentative adj. Stating facts and suggesting that particular inferences and conclusions can be drawn from them.

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