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Arm’s length, Arraignment, Array, Arrear, Arrearage

Arm's length adj. Of or relating to the bargaining position or dealings of two or more unrelated parties of approximately equal bargaining power who are not connected, on close terms, or in a confidential relationship with each other and whose mutual dealings are influenced only by their own self-interest.

Arraignment n. The first step in a criminal prosecution wherein the defendant is formally advised of the charges against him. This is done by reading the charges to the defendant or by giving them a copy of the charges. The defendant is also advised of his rights (for example, the right to plead not guilty and to have a jury trial) and enters a plea, and the amount of bail (if bail is not denied) is determined.

Array 1 n. A group of people called into court at the same time for potential jury duty. From such a group the members of a jury or juries will be selected. 2 n The members of such a group who are empaneled to be a jury. 3 v To empanel a jury for a trial. 4 n. The list of empaneled jurors. 5 v To call out the names of the jurors as each is empaneled.

Arrear n. 1 The state of being late in the payment of a debt or the performance of an obligation. 2 An overdue or unpaid debt or unfinished duty.

Arrearage n. An overdue debt.

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