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Arrest, Citizen’s arrest, False arrest, Malicious arrest, Parol arrest

Arrest n. The intentional deprivation, whether actual or constructive, of a person's freedom by legal authorities using forcible restraint, seizure, or otherwise taking the individual into custody, especially in response to a warrant or a suspicion based on probable cause that the person being arrested has committed a crime.

Citizen's arrest. An arrest made by a private individual rather than by a law enforcement officer.

False arrest. An arrest made by a person who falsely claims to be a law enforcement officer or by a law enforcement officer who has no legal grounds for making an arrest.

Malicious arrest. 1 An arrest made without probable cause and for an improper purpose. 2 An arrest made with knowledge that the person arrested did not commit the crime he is charged with.

Parol arrest. An arrest ordered by a judge or magistrate while presiding over a court proceeding. Such an arrest is done without a written complaint and is executed immediately, for example, an arrest of a person in a courtroom who has been found in contempt of court.

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