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Ascent, As is, Asportation, Assault, Assembly

Ascent n. The passing of an estate to an heir who is an ancestor of the intestate.

As is adj. In the condition it presently exists or as found on inspection immediately prior to purchase, even if damaged or defective, without modification and without any express or implied warranties.

Asportation n. The carrying away or moving the personal property of another. It does not matter how short the distance or slight the movement as long as the person who carries away or moves the property is knowingly and intentionally exercising control of the property without the consent and to the exclusion of the rights of the owner.

Assault n. 1 In criminal and tort law, an act, usually consisting of a threat or attempt to inflict bodily injury upon another person, coupled with the apparent present ability to succeed in carrying out the threat or the attempt if not prevented, that causes the person to have a reasonable fear or apprehension of immediate harmful or offensive contact.

Assembly n. 1 A group of people gathering, coming together, or meeting, or already so assembled, for a common purpose. 2 A legislative body, especially, in many states, the lower house of the state legislature.

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