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Assess, Asset, Assign, Assignable, Assignee

Assess v. 1 To determine the value of something, especially of real estate for property tax purposes. 2 To establish the amount of, and then charge, a fine, taxes, or another payment. 3 To require stockholders and partners to fill the need for additional capital by making additional contributions to their corporation or partnership.

Asset n. 1 Any property or right that is owned by a person or entity and has monetary value. 2 All of the property of a person or entity or its total value; entries on a balance sheet listing such property.

Assign v. 1 To transfer one's duty, interest, or right to another, especially regarding property or under a contract, so that the transferee has the same duty, interest, or right as the transferor had. 2 To appoint. 3 To identify.

Assignable n. Capable of being assigned. Certain rights and duties cannot be assigned while others are not assignable without the consent of the other parties involved. For example, a world-renowned author cannot unilaterally assign her contract to write a book to another writer.

Assignee n. One to whom a duty, interest, or right is assigned.

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