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Assignment, Assignment for benefit of creditors, Assignment of a lease, Assignment of error, Assignor

Assignment n. The transfer of a duty, interest, or right from one party to another.

Assignment for benefit of creditors. An assignment of most of a debtor's property to another who, acting as a trustee, consolidates and liquidates the assets and pays the debtor's creditors with any surplus being returned to the debtor.

Assignment of a lease. An assignment of a lessee's entire interest in a lease. The assignor remains secondarily liable to the landlord and will have to pay the rent if the assignee does not.

Assignment of error n. The list is an appellant's brief of the trial court's alleged errors, upon which the appellant seeks a modification, reversal, or vacation of the trial court's decision.

Assignor n. One who transfers a duty, interest, or a right to another.

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