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Assigns, Assize, Associate, Association, Assumpsit

Assigns n. The plural of assignee.

Assize n. 1 Often spelled assizes: a session of a court or legislative body. 2 The time or place of, or a law enacted by, such a session. 3 A cause of action, especially one relating to the ownership or possession of land. 4 A trial, especially one presided over by an itinerant judge and held in the county that is the location of the land, dispute, or crime in question. 5 The jury at such a trial.

Associate n. 1 A colleague, companion, partner, or fellow employee. 2 A junior member of an association, institution, organization, profession, or society. 3 A junior member of a law firm who typically works on salary and does not share in the ownership, profits, or decision-making of the firm.

Association n. A group of individuals meeting or associated for fellowship or a common purpose.

Assumpsit n. Latin. He undertook. 1 An enforceable promise or undertaking that is not under seal. 2 An action for expectation damages caused by the breach of a promise or a contract not under seal.

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