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Assumption, Assumption of risk, Assurance, Asylum, At large

Assumption n. 1 Something the truth of which is taken for granted, a supposition. 2 The act of taking for or on oneself, especially accepting, or agreeing to take the responsibility for, the obligation of another.

Assumption of risk n. 1 In contract law, the act or agreement to take on a risk of damage, injury, or loss, often stated as the risk "passes" to the purchaser upon the occurrence of a certain event, e.g. shipment of goods. 2 In contract law, an employee's express agreement to undertake the risks that normally accompany or arise from that occupation.

Assurance 1 n. A promise or guarantee, an act that inspires confidence. 2 v. The act of promising or assuring.

Asylum n. A place of refuge, sanctuary, or shelter, especially an institution for the maintenance and care of people requiring special assistance.

At large adj. 1 Free from confinement, control, or restraint. 2 Chosen by the electorate of, or representing the residents of, an entire political unit, such as a state, country, or city, as opposed to a subdivision of the unit, such as a district, riding, or ward. 3 Not ordered or organized by topics, especially when referring to a group of statutes or ordinances.

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