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At law, At will, At-risk, Atrocious, Attach

At law adj. Relating to law, opposed to equity.

At will n. A status or relationship that can be terminated for any reason, or for no reason, at any time without prior notice.

At-risk adj. Characterization of person or property subject to unique jeopardy or threat, as in the case of youth "at-risk" for increased likelihood of delinquency due to home and environmental factors, or finances "at-risk" due to vagaries of stock market, global instability, health issues of individual having such finances, etc.

Atrocious n. An act that is outrageously cruel, vile, and wicked and that demonstrates a depravity and insensitive brutality, especially when using senseless, excessive, or extreme violence during the commission of a crime.

Attach v. 1 To add, affix, annex, bind, fasten, or join as a part. 2 To seize or take by legal process; to carry out an attachment, for example, to attach the funds in a debtor's bank account to pay a judgment. 3 To adhere or become legally effective, especially in connection with something or upon some event. For example, certain rights and responsibilities attach to becoming a parent.

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