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Attachment, Attainder, Attempt, Attendant, Attest

Attachment n. 1 The seizure or freezing of property by court order while an action is pending so that its ownership can be determined. 2 The writ ordering such a seizure or freezing of property 3 In commercial law, the creation of a security interest in property when the debtor agrees to the security, receives value from the secured party, and obtains rights in the property.

Attainder n. In common law, the automatic elimination of one's civil rights and liberties when sentenced to death or declared an outlaw for committing a felony or treason.

Attempt n. The intentional and overt taking of a substantial step toward the commission of a crime that falls short of completing the crime. The mere planning of a crime, as well as soliciting another to commit the crime, does not constitute an attempt to commit the crime.

Attendant adj. Accompanying; resulting in. For example, in criminal law, the definitions of several crimes require the presence or absence of attendant circumstances; for example, the absence of consent to be touched is required for an offensive touching to be considered a battery.

Attest v. 1 To bear witness; testify. 2 To affirm as accurate, genuine, or true. 3 To certify by oath or signature. 4 To affirm a document's authenticity by signing it as a witness to its execution by another person.

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