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Attorney’s lien, Attractive nuisance doctrine, Audit, Authenticate, Self-authentication

Attorney's lien n. An encumbrance asserted by a lawyer against a client's file, money or property as security for unpaid legal fees. Strictly limited right to assert such a lien in most jurisdictions, and prohibited by ethical rules in others. Also referred to as a charging lien or retaining lien.

Attractive nuisance doctrine n. In tort law, the doctrine that one who has a dangerous condition or thing on his property that is likely to attract a curious child is under a duty to take reasonable steps to protect the child from it.

Audit n. A formal inspection of the accounting procedures and records and the financial situation of an individual, business, organization, or government entity to verify the accuracy and completeness of the records or their compliance with another set of standards.

Authenticate v. 1 To prove that something, such as a document, is what it purports to be, especially so that the item can be admitted into evidence at a trial or hearing. 2 To place a mark, such as a signature or a stamp, on a document to signify that it is authentic, effective, or valid. 3 To approve or adopt a writing as one's own.

Self-authentication n. The act of proving that something, usually a document, is genuine or true without the use of extrinsic evidence. For example, notarized documents and certified copies of public records are usually deemed to be self-authenticating.

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