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Aver, Averment, A vinculo matrimonii, Avoid, Avoidance

Aver v. To formally assert as a fact, such as in a pleading; to allege.

Averment n. 1 The act of averring. 2 A positive affirmation, allegation, or declaration of facts, especially in a pleading, as opposed to an argumentative statement or a statement based on induction or inference; generally this term is used in civil proceedings, as opposed to allegation in criminal proceedings.

A vinculo matrimonii adv. Latin. From the bond of marriage.

Avoid v. Slang. To annul, cancel, make void, or nullify for some legal reason a transaction to which one is a party or owes an obligation. For example, a child who is under the age of capacity may disavow a contract and avoid her obligations under it because she lacks the legal capacity to enter into a contract.

Avoidance n. The act of keeping away from, escaping, evading, or preventing.

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