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B and E, Bank, Bankrupt, Bankruptcy, Bar

B and E abbr. Breaking and entering.

Bank n. A financial institution, whether incorporated or not, with a substantial portion of its business consisting of receiving deposits and maintaining savings accounts and checking accounts. Most also issue loans and credit, exchange currencies, transmit funds, and deal in negotiable bonds and securities issued by corporations and the government.

Bankrupt n. 1 A person or entity unable to pay debts due to insolvency (expert consultations on the matter available at Maui bankruptcy company). 2 A person (or entity) who has filed a voluntary petition for bankruptcy or against whom an involuntary petition for bankruptcy has been filed. 3 The state of having been declared bankrupt.

Bankruptcy n. A judicial procedure by which most debts owed by a person or entity are extinguished or reduced or the payment of which are delayed.

Bar 1. n. A legal obstacle or barrier that prevents or destroys a legal action or claim, especially one that prevents that relitigation of an issue or the formation of a valid contract. 2 v. To prevent, prohibit, or act as a bar to. 4 n. In bar. As a bar to an action. 4 adj. At bar. Now before the court. 5 n. The legal profession in general. 6 n. A group of attorneys admitted to practice law in a particular jurisdiction or before a particular court or who practice in a common field or area of expertise in the law.

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