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Bad debt, Bad faith, Badge of fraud, Badge of slavery, Bailee

Bad debt n. An uncollectible debt arising due to the debtor's refusal to pay, insolvency, or bankruptcy.

Bad faith n. Dishonesty of purpose; lack of fairness and honesty; the continuous and willful failure to fulfill one's duties or obligation.

Badge of fraud n. The facts or circumstances surrounding a transaction that indicate that one party is trying to hinder or defraud another party, especially a court, an opposing party in an action, or a creditor. Such badges include, among other things, the transfer of property in anticipation of litigation or execution.

Badge of slavery n. 1 A legal disability imposed on a slave, such as the inability to vote, own property, or enter into a contract. 2 Any visible trace of slavery, such as racial discrimination in public education.

Bailee n. One who temporarily possesses the personal property of another pursuant to and agreement between them.

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