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Bailiff, Bail jumping, Bailment, Bailor, Bailsman

Bailiff n. 1 A court officer charged with maintaining order in the court room, with taking care of the judge's and jury's needs, and, in criminal proceedings, with the custody of the defendant. 2 A sheriff's deputy or other officer who executes writs and serves processes and warrants of arrest. 3 One who oversees the administration of land, goods, and other property, including the collection of rent, for the owner.

Bail jumping v. To flee, hide, or otherwise avoid an appearance at any stage in a criminal proceeding while free on bail.

Bailment n. The delivery of personal property from one person (the bailor) to another (the bailee) in trust for some special purpose, as according to an express or implied contract. Only the lawful possession of the property, and not ownership is transferred. The rights and duties of the parties as to the property depend on the purpose of the bailment and the terms of the contract.

Bailor n. 1 Same as bailsman. 2 One who temporarily gives possession of personal property to another, pursuant to an agreement between them. The bailor does not have to be the owner of the property.

Bailsman n. One who provides bail to secure the release of a criminal defendant.

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