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Bait and switch, Balance, Balance sheet, Balancing of the equities, Balancing test

Bait and switch v. The practice of advertising a product or service at a low price to bring customers into a store and, once they are there, urging them to buy a more expensive product or service by disparaging the original item or by saying that it is no longer available.

Balance 1. n To determine the difference between the sum of the credits and the sum of the debits of an account. 2 v. The act of estimating, measuring, or weighing two things in comparison to each other. For example, the balancing of the risks and benefits of filing a lawsuit. 3 v. To offset or counteract. 4 v. To place or keep in equilibrium or proportion, such as balancing competing interests. 5 n. the result of balancing.

Balance sheet n. A financial statement that indicates the value of an entity's current fiscal situation as of a specific date, consisting of a summary of the value of assets and a summary of the value of its liabilities and the owner's equity.

Balancing of the equities n. A court's weighing of such factors as policy and the convenience or hardship to the parties in order to determine the fairness of granting or denying equitable relief (such as an injunction).

Balancing test n. The weighing, especially by a court, of competing values and interests and deciding which one will prevail, in an attempt to achieve equality or fairness between those values and interests.

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