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Bang Oce

All legal practitioners know who OCK is. He is a famous lawyer, doctor of law, role model, managing partner, and also philanthropist.

I read his book, a semi autobiography. The book is good to know him better, his life, his cases, his challenges, and his career. As a lawyer myself, a lot of things can be learned from Bang Oce.

I have one friend that was sent to school to well-known university in US. Bang Oce paid for everything for two years, even after completion of his term. My friend was very lucky, but he is not the only one. Few of my friends has experienced it and many others that I was not aware of.

He is now facing problem. He is captured and already a suspect on a corruption case. Perhaps, this is the highest challenge of his life. He was already retired but returned to lawyering. It is logical to say that Bang Oce would never want to experience this situation. No lawyer would want it. But, it already happened and Bang Oce has to face it. As a professional lawyer just as Bang Oce, I feel sad for his difficulties and do hope, despite a very tough situation, he can deal with this.

One can surely learn from this case. As a lawyer and as any professional, one has to be honest, credible, and maintain integrity all the time. That is very hard. It is easier to say than done. Despite its difficulties, there is no reason not to do it since the consequence is clear.

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