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Bar association, Bar examination, Bargain, Bargain and sale, Bargainee

Bar association n. A professional organization of attorneys who practice law within a specific geographic area (for example, a state bar association) or who practice in a common field or area of expertise in the law (for example, a defense attorney's bar association).

Bar examination n. A written examination administered by a state or an established licensing authority, such as a state bar association, usually lasting two or more days, that tests the legal knowledge of individuals seeking a license to practice law in a particular state.

Bargain 1. n A voluntary agreement between parties for the exchange or purchase of goods or services, regardless of whether the transaction is legal or the consideration is sufficient for the agreement to constitute a contract. 2 v. To negotiate the terms of an agreement.

Bargain and sale n. A written contract to convey the legal title of, and raise a use in, real property in exchange for valuable consideration recited in the agreement without requiring the parties to enter the land and perform a livery of seisin.

Bargainee n. The purchaser of land in a bargain and sale.

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